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Hello everyone, 

It is has been almost a year since I posted a new blog. I often add to write a new blog on my task list but it just doesn’t happen. I guess I am just deep into the grind of growing the company. That is a good thing. I would like to document the journey though like I did for the first few years.

The Home Depot account is activating nationwide this summer. Almost half of the stores are already set up. This was a hard-earned account. We had to go through 3 different buyers, factory audits and 3 store tests over a 4-year period to manifest this. It is well worth it because we are in now and expansion is our next move. The AjustLock bolt lock products have done really well and we are excited about the next steps.

Our US distributor, Hillman, has been working on the rest of the US market for the past 2 years.

We are doing really well in Canada with Hillman covering the big box stores which include, Home Depot Canada, Walmart, and Canadian Tire. Onward is another distributor we have in Canada and they cover a lot of the other accounts.

That leaves Europe which we have been working on for some time. It is a little more complicated because the EU is many countries with different languages.  We are going strong in England and Sweden and are working on activating Germany, France, and Switzerland. We also just activated New Zealand after a long wait to get that deal right. Hopefully that will spread into Australia which is tough because it is so large and the shipping costs to move product around are hard on the sell price.

We also recently had some inquiries from hardware companies in Japan. We like to put new pins in the map and generate new global business. 

To all of you entrepreneurs out there, if you have a good product or idea, keep at it and don’t stop until you make it happen. There are many obstacles and delays on the journey. Keep blazing those trails!